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3 - 4 July 2024 - Karachi Expo Centre

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About Pakistan Plumbing & Firefighting Expo

Connecting the Flow: Where Plumbing and Firefighting Innovations Meet

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Pakistan Plumbing & Firefighting Exhibition & Conference – an exclusive gateway to the world of specialized excellence in plumbing and firefighting solutions. As we set the stage for this year's event, themed "Innovate. Elevate. Transform.", we invite industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to partake in a meticulously designed experience.

PPFE isn't just a expo; it's a marketing catalyst for progress, a nexus where groundbreaking ideas evolve into actionable strategies. As an exhibitor or participant, you have the opportunity to position your brand at the forefront of innovation, showcasing products and solutions that elevate industry standards. It's a chance to not only meet potential clients and collaborators but to demonstrate how your offerings contribute to the transformative landscape of these critical sectors.

Join us in turning ideas into actions and making your mark in an industry that demands constant innovation and progress. Welcome to a marketing paradigm where your brand becomes synonymous with transformation and advancement – Welcome to "Innovate. Elevate. Transform."

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A Comprehensive Showcase of Plumbing and Firefighting Innovations

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  • Make meaningful connections, fostering collaboration and partnerships.
  • Premier hub for grasping market trends and emerging opportunities.

Abdul Samad


Delta Group of Companies, a renowned name in manufacturing, proudly supports the initiative of Pakistan Plumbing & Firefighting Company. This platform is instrumental in promoting locally-made fire protection and safety products. As the CEO of Delta Group of Companies, I appreciate the importance this event holds for raising awareness about quality design and products that contribute to our safety. It's a pleasure to collaborate with a platform that uplifts industry standards

Rizwan Jamal

Pipe Plus

Strategically curated events such as the Plumbing & Firefighting Expo are imperative in our industry. This exceptional gathering draws the participation of builders, real estate developers, contractors, and engineers, offering a prime platform for networking and business opportunities. We express our contentment in participating in this specialized exhibition, recognizing its significance in fostering connections and business growth

Azfar Ahmed Farooqui

Regional Manager, IIL (International Industries Limited)

This marks the inaugural expo in Pakistan dedicated exclusively to plumbing and firefighting products, making it a truly unique and diverse event. The participation of both local and foreign manufacturers adds a distinctive dimension to the expo. The presence of consultants and fire-related professionals enhances the event's value, providing an excellent opportunity to engage in detailed discussions regarding standards, quality, and relevant protocols that align with their product requirements

Rashid Fayyaz

Pak Arab Pipes & Fittings

Participating in the two-day PPFE exhibition has been a significant endeavor for us. The organizers' remarkable efforts in providing a specialized platform for the Plumbing Products Industry post-COVID and economic slowdown are commendable. The response and feedback we've received align seamlessly with our objectives, as we engaged with visitors directly associated with plumbing products. We wholeheartedly recommend such specialized events as catalysts for promoting plumbing products and fostering connections within the professional community

Engr. Sohail Bashir

Chairman, The Institution of Engineers Pakistan

The Pakistan Plumbing & Firefighting Expo is a standout event, particularly noteworthy for its focus on green plumbing, promotion of locally-made products, and emphasis on reverse engineering. The commitment to sustainability, celebration of domestic manufacturing, and forward-thinking approach make the conference highly relevant, providing valuable insights into emerging trends and practices in the plumbing sector.

Prof. Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi

Vice Chancellor, NED University of engineering & Technology

It brings me great joy to witness a gathering of true professionals engaging in discussions about plumbing and firefighting at PPFE. The importance of adopting these practices, particularly in the context of firefighting, cannot be overstated. Given the series of incidents related to fire safety in Pakistan, it is imperative that we prioritize and embrace effective firefighting measures. I commend the efforts of PPFE in fostering a platform for these crucial discussions.

Ronnel Olarte


Participating in the Pakistan Plumbing and Firefight Expo has been an excellent experience. The presence of numerous manufacturers and suppliers at this exhibition is truly noteworthy. I believe this marks a promising beginning for the PPFE show in Pakistan.